Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day Seven August 24, 2007 – Epcot and We will be back!

The heat index was 105 this morning. We were made extremely tired by the heat.

The Epcot was not a place for rides for people with young kids. There are only 9 attractions in the park and 4 of them have height restriction. Sarah decided not to get on them without Kathy. We only went on three rides then decided to head back to the resort. Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Journey into imagination and The Seas with Nemo and Friends were all great. Kathy was a little scared by the jungle with dinosaurs at the Ellen’s show at the beginning. Then she was so anxious to understand what the show was about by looking around herself so that she told me to "stop talking" when I tried to explain to her. Sarah went on stage to assist a Kodak digital instruction. The lines for taking pictures with Mickey and friends were way too long. We decided to skip the picture taken.

By the time we got up from nap, it was raining cats and dogs outside. For the next several days, there will be T thunder storms in every afternoon till evening. How lucky we were to have nice weather for the entire week. Of course, except the heat.

We are planning to come back when Kathy reaches 48 inches, and definitely before Sarah starts junior high and still can act like a kid. I saw some teenager in the park. They are not crazy about the shows as younger kids. The water parks and Orlando Universal Studio will be on the schedule next time. Magic Kingdom will take two days if the girls are still interested in the events and shows. We may skip most of the MGM, Epcot and entire Sea World next time. Animal Kingdom, hmmm, we’ll think about it. We may also go to the Busch Garden if there the schedule allows. Only because I can see the girls love activities more than just sitting and watching.

I think we did just fine not purchase the hopping choice. Only because the girls were too energetic and curious to get on every ride and visit every playground. As a six and half years old kid, Sarah could enjoy almost every ride, show and event. As for a two and half toddler, Kathy was scared several times by loud voice / noise and the worst, the combinations of darkness and sudden loud noise. Good thing was that she would not be scared for long, nor to cry. I'd say 90% of the time Kathy enjoyed the shows and understood a whole lot of them. She'd ask if she's lost in the show. Many times she had her own little mind what she wanted to do and made sure that we let her do it. Both girls love the playground with web climb, or called net climb, or stuffs like these which could challenge them. The Toontown tiny little playgrounds were simply too baby-like to them. Neither of the girls were much into taking pictures with the princesses. Somehow they don't believe those characters were real, which I think it's pretty sad for kids at their ages. Anther challenge to Kathy was the 3D movies. It took her couple times of try to not be scared by the objects flying right into her face. Mickey’s PhilarMargic was the third 3D vision that we watched, and was the first one Kathy really started to enjoy.

To conclude, seven days at Disney is definitely not enough. At all! It would be nice to extend to a two-week vacation so that we didn't have to stay in the parks till they closed almost every single day except last day at Epcot. Kathy asked where we were going tomorrow. I said we would be flying home. So she said, "are we going to Disney tomorrow tomorrow?" yeah, that'll be wonderful.


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