Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Sarah很显摆地对Kathy说:Do you know in Hebrew language 'Sarah' means princess?
Kathy: Oh? Really? Then what does my name mean?
Sarah: Kathreen means 'Queen'.
Kathy (掩不住地偷笑): So I am your boss. hmmmm, that's good. That's very good!

Kathy 问我,Mommy, did Dad ever buy flower for you?
Kathy:Did he use money from my piggy bank?
Kathy: Nothing. Just want to make sure my money are safe.

Kathy问:Mommy, why Dad married you?
我, 啊?因为我好啊。
Kathy: That's the first reason. The second reason is you can cook? The third reason is you can talk? The fourth reason is you can make money?
Kathy接着说,you are only good for 4 reasons. I am good for more reasons than you!

Sarah对Kathy说,you know, Mom and Dad love ME very!!! much!!! So they picked me as their first born. Then since I love YOU very!!! much!!! So I picked you as my little sister. Now you know why you are in this family?
Kathy, 很sad,yeah, I am here to be your toy.