Friday, August 26, 2005

Kindergarten Open House

Took Sarah to her Kindergarten open house this morning. The open house started at 8:30 AM. By the time we got there, the parking lot was packed with cars. Even the construction parking was full. It took me a while to find a street parking.

The school was crowded with children from all ages running, teachers and parents were talking in the hallway, the offices and the classrooms.

On the door of the main entrance, there were paper with children’s names separated by class posted. With Sarah’s help, I managed to find her name. She will be in Room 6, Class S with Mrs. Myers as leading teacher.

This year there are about 60 Kindergarteners who will be in four different classes. The room is decorated nicely with computers, a same library area, boxes for each kid, and some activity spots. I could tell that Sarah felt in love with the room right away. Mrs. Myers gave her a piece of paper with some pictures on and asked Sarah to find all of the stuffs on the pictures in the classroom. While Sarah was busy locating each thing on the paper, I started working on filling up the emergency forms for the school. We were also told that there will be another Sarah in her class. So the teacher will call them Sarah L and Sarah E to separate them. Mrs. Myer also mentioned that Sarah is her youngest in the class. The oldest in the class is almost a year older than my Sarah.

Then there was the parents’ conference meeting, which talked about some school related issues, such as clothes, meal plans.

I wish my Sarah the best in her coming school year.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Kathy 八个月

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1, 吃的不少,还是喜欢吃甜酱酱,渐渐地无肉不欢。
2, 抓到什么都往嘴里塞。
3, 肚子饿里就笑眯眯,小手往妈妈身上抓呀抓。
4, 坐着洗澡真好,东看看西看看,这个抓抓,那个摸摸。
5, 睡觉开始转圈圈,碰了头啊啊哭两声,翻个身继续睡。
6, 不哭不闹,出了两个小牙牙。
7, 8/22/05,小肚皮贴床,开始了有史以来的第一次爬行,往后爬。