Friday, April 01, 2005


Some old posts。


给你说个我家老大的。那时候还小,跟小人说舅舅来了拿你的 PIGGIE BANK,你就没钱买ICE CREAM 了。吓的小人把PIGGIE BANK藏起来。结果舅舅走了,PIGGIE BANK也找不到了。小人也是特茫然,怎么也想不起来自己给藏哪了。后来我们换季收衣服在我们房 间的CLOSET里给找到了。小人给藏到最墙角,不去深挖细找还真找不到。


就地晕倒的话, "Mommy, Daddy, look at the elephant poopoo. ~~~~ Hi~~~ everybody~~~~, lots of elephant poopoo."


我 家老二昨晚上被我吓到了。我在调CELL PHONE 的 RINGER TYPE。小人听了就撇嘴想哭又哭不出的样子可爱及了。把我乐的就一直换RING TYPE,结果CELL PHONE不停的唱,老二不停的撇嘴。等她爸SHOWER出来,小人一见爸爸张嘴就嚎。结果是昨天夜里哭醒两次。今天一大早我遭遇老公严厉批评。


There is this girl by the name of Lily in my daughter's class, who seem to really really want to be friend of my daughter and her best friend. Now I want to share couple stories about these three girls here.

Lily was timed out one time because of the other two girls. What happened that day was, my daughter and her best friend were playing together, while Lily wanted to join in and sit in between of them. But the other two girls refused and told Lily that if she really wanted to join, she had to sit next to one of them. Lily refused, then pushed the two girls and sat in between. My daughter and her best friend went to the teacher and reported Lily. The teacher timed
out Lily for 5 minutes.

Then that's yesterday. When we were on the way home, I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to Lily's birthday party this Saturday. My daughter said no, she wanted to go to the zoo. I think it'll be better and polite if we can make to the party. On the other hand, I respect my daughter's decision. However I will prepare a card and a small gift for Lily.

To me, Lily is a very sweet girl. I'd love to see those three girls become good friends. What should I tell my daughter to make her accept Lily just like she accepts her best friend? I am not hoping them can be best friends, but at least, accept Lily as a very good friend.

Spell the word for me

Started from the end of last year, I taught my daughter spelling the word. So far she can remember the spelling of shapes, colors, numbers, and some animals and food. The more she gets into spelling, the more she is anxious to learn. She loves to spell the words on her books, the words she sees on the streets, in the stores, and pretty much everywhere. To be very honestly, I love to see her enjoy learning. But on the other hand, at the time her English is improving, her Chinese is going backwards. I can tell that she's loosing interest in books in Chinese since the time she asked me to spell "三角形“ in Chinese, which I told her that there is no something like spelling in Chinese. She then asked me how she could every remember Chinese words. At the point, I had to tell her that to remember Chinese words, one has to simply write and read the words over and over again. All I am hoping now is that someday when she grows up, she will gain back her interest in Chinese.