Saturday, March 18, 2006


昨天晚上,小老大问我,what's good to be a dentist?
老妈子我狂喜,乖宝啊,这不是给老妈我机会做一次高燕定吗?赶紧的我就教育了,you will make everyone happy by giving them beautiful teeth. People repect dentists alot. Also you will make a lot of money.
老大眼珠子一转,oh, that's very good. I will then have a lot of money. When Kathy become a lawyer and I am a dentist, we both will have a lot of money. .
当妈的我老怀甚慰,then you will buy Mommy and Daddy something, right?
只见小白眼狼眼珠再一转,actually, no, I will not give money to you and Daddy. Well, ok, fine, I will buy you a diamond necklace for your birthday, but I will wear that necklace.

今天早上,老公带老大去芭蕾学校。路上老大说了,Daddy, when I grow up, I will be a dentist and Kathy will be a lawyer. And we will make a lot of money. We will buy a long car. But you and Mommy can not drive it because you have your car. We will put our money in the bank to grow little moneys.



Aimee Yang said...

哈哈哈,很有经济头脑,知道要grow little money.

Starsea said...

LOL. praise Sarah

maya said...