Friday, November 24, 2006

Three ears

Kathy likes counting stuffs. She surprises the families by counting all the way to ten sometimes. However, please, do not take her to compare with real genius. Let me tell you why.

Tonight, somehow this little person enjoyed so much on counting others’ ears, and of course, her own’s. It was the time when I took my vitamin tablets from the jar, the little person pulled my left ear and started counting, ONE. Then turned my hand, found another ear and counted, TWO.

Hmm, how nice, Mommy has TWO ears. And let me say how many I have. Little person touched her left ear, ONE, then right ear, TWO, and then left ear again, THREE!

Grabbed Daddy head, started with left ear and then right, ONE, TWO. Sarah’s was the third to count, also, ONE, TWO.

That little person got excited, “Mommy TWO, Daddy TWO, 姐姐TWO, Kathy THREEE!!!!”

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Starsea said...

such a cutie