Friday, November 24, 2006

Questioning Always

Can not remember when things started to become different to us, things like automatically answering the questions “what’s that” popped out from the tiny little mouth, things like automatically saying “ok ok sure sure” when the little person tells us to “stop it”.

Regardless when and how, my tiny little person is growing into a big girl. Surprised to find out the little person can sing more than 20 songs though not word by word, likes to draw curly lines, enjoys telling stories to herself while playing with the toy, and remembers all her favorite characters from Arthur’s series and Disney princess stories.

On top of all above, I have to give credit to this little person for her good table manner, politeness and sweetness. If life can go on without the little one acting like the worst devil sometimes, I’d say that the world is the most beautiful place with Kathreen.

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Starsea said...

such a genius!