Sunday, November 13, 2005


Sarah's teacher's conference

Mrs. Myers said that Sarah is advanced in writing, reading, letters, logical problems and hear-and-write. She will put Sarah in the first reading group which will be guided by Mrs. Myers herself for about 30 minutes a day or so everyday. The only issue that Mrs. Myers pointed out is that Sarah had been bossy with another older girl in her class. However Mrs. Myers seems not concern this issue too much. Though others kids seem to be ok with her bossiness, I am still a little worry on this.

Kathy falled from the bed in our room
sigh, 人生就是这样慢慢地完整的。好在小老二24小时后一切正常。

Sarah 晚上对我说,when Kathy grows up, I will let her sleep in my room and in my bed. I'll sleep outside and she'll sleep inside, so she will not fall from the bed.

我说,Kathy, 你叫什么名字啊?叫,开心。开心。你说,开心。

老二对姐姐是又爱又怕。和姐姐一起玩的时候呢,就恨不得让姐姐leave me alone. 姐姐一跑开了呢,有啊啊啊滴叫姐姐过来和她玩儿。这几天聪明乐,以前只会啊啊啊,现在叫姐姐都有内容乐。啊啊啊,娃娃!姐姐是Sarah, 咱发音不准,当然就是 娃!娃!

老大昨天再做monthly activity,有个问题是, If you could invite a person to
your Thanksgiving dinner, who will it be? Why?
老大的answer 是,Alex, because he will play with me.

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